SFI is “Eggcited” About the Packaging for the White House Easter Eggs

For the fourth year in a row, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative will be a part of the Easter celebration at the White House. We are very excited that the official White House Easter Egg will […]

Proud to be an intern at SFI

Posted by Ben Silvernail, SFI Intern

I am excited to be living in Washington, DC for the summer as a student of environmental studies and an intern with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). A combination of […]

Clemson University Engages the Public and Students in Improved Wildlife Habitat Activities

Allison Welde is SFI Director, Conservation Partnerships and Communications, and identifies areas of potential collaboration with conservation groups and other SFI stakeholders.

The Wildlife Habitat Improvement  Practices program at Clemson University, is one of nine projects […]

“Power of Partnerships” On Display

It’s fitting that the themes for our 15th Annual Conference, is Power of Partnerships.  The world of responsible forestry and certification is so immense there is not a lot one organization can do […]

Global Call for USGBC to Accept All Credible Forest Certification Programs

Nadine Block, who manages Government Outreach for SFI, shares announcement of world-wide support for USGBC to open its LEED standard.

The call for a change in the LEED standard is truly global.  Twelve nations have urged […]

Forest Experts in the US and Canada Ask USGBC to Open LEED

Two major North American groups representing forestry experts have weighed in with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) on the LEED standard.  Steven Koehn, president of the National Association of State Foresters (NASF), recently wrote […]

Certification: cost or investment?

I recently had a conversation with Jeff Bi, Managing Director of Tralin Packaging (aka Tralin Pak) about the about the packaging marketplace and perceptions of certification overseas. Tralin Pak is based in China and is […]

SFI attends NRC’s 11th Annual Recycling Works Ceremony

Recently, members of the SFI team had the privilege to attend the national Recycling Coalition’s 11th Annual “Recycling Works” Award Ceremony at which Staples was honored for its recycling and sustainability practices.

Of course, recycling is […]

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