SFI Standard Revision Task Groups review all comments and develop the draft standards. The Task Groups are
established for the duration of the standard revision until completion in 2021. There are three Task Groups:
Forest Management (Section 2)
Fiber Sourcing (Section 3)
Chain of Custody & Labels (Sections 4 & 5)

The SFI standard revision process is based on balanced representation from many different interest groups. This
inclusion is also reflected in Task Group composition reflecting a diversity of interest groups as well as a balanced
representation of expertise, gender and geographical location. Examples of interest groups part of the standard
revision process include:

Forest owner/manager
Manufacturer/processor/trader of forest-based products
Conservation organization
Customers & consumers
Scientific and technological community

Logging professionals
Workers & trade unions
Indigenous Peoples
Education/academic group
Social-purpose organization


Task Group members are expected to participate in the following tasks, under the direction of the respective Task Group Chairs:

Review submitted comments from public comment
periods and Standard Revision Workshops that
correspond to each task group’s focus area.

Prepare revised Standards text (first and subsequent
drafts) for review by the SFI Resources Committee,
incorporating their feedback as required.



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